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Frequently Asked Questions

Update: 1/6/2023

Do you offer a Guarantee/Refund Policy? 

Guarantee/Refund Policy: Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations. Tell us if we fall short in any way. If we can't fix it on the spot, we will refund you for the remainder of the session.

What if our plans change? I ask that you treat us fairly.  We are a small family business.  Try to let us know as soon as possible. It is a lot easier to fill spots in March than in June. If you are having a great time at the lake and want to stay another week but will miss summer camp. That feels like a different thing. We can see if there are any other openings later in the summer or people on a waiting list. You could hold the registration until next year, or give the spot to a friend. But I'm not gonna feel like that last-minute choice should come at our expense.

That said, sometimes things just come up in family life. If you suddenly have to fly to a funeral, you have more important things to think about than summer camp. Do you want a refund or a rain check? Whatever causes the lease stress that is what we will do. See exceptions below. 

Exceptions to our Guarantee/Refund Policy.
In the event of natural disaster, terrorist event, an act of God, public unrest, epidemic, and the like we reserve the right to limit refunds to 50%.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes! On a case by case basis - please contact us so we can work out the details.

Where is Rocks and Robots located?

We are located at Sunward Cohousing, 424 Little Lake Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Do many girls attend camp?

Yes! Every year, we are happy to see and welcome more and more female campers!  If you want to find out how many girls have signed up for a particular session, send us an email at rocksandrobots@gmail.com 

What are the class sizes? 

Class sizes range from 10-20 campers. Kids are typically partnered up to share a robot, a kit of LEGO pieces, and a computer for programming.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

This varies depending on class size and camper age, but we usually have one staff member for every 3-4 pairs of campers.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on camp sessions throughout the year.  To get the most up to date information, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

Do you offer scholarships?

We want to bring Robotics and Engineering to all children, regardless of a family's financial situation. Scholarships are offered on a case by case basis. Contact us as early as possible and we will do our best to find an option for you and your child.

My child has special health/social/learning needs.  Can you ensure that they will have a great camp experience?

Absolutely!  For more than 18 years, Rocks and Robots has embraced campers with various learning styles, social habits, and health situations.

In these cases, we like to communicate with each parent before camp to create a plan that will ensure that your child has an optimal camp experience.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

We ask that campers bring a water bottle and sunscreen as we'll be spending time outside in the sun. Campers also need to bring their own (peanut-free) lunch. 

We will provide snacks, typically pretzels and apples, but campers are welcome to bring additional snacks.

What's the bathroom situation at camp?

Kids have access to single stall non-gender specific bathrooms.

Do you do special events birthdays, office parties etc.?

Yes! Rocks and Robots is equipped to create an unforgettable birthday experience for your child and their friends. We also attend school events.

Please contact us for rates and details.