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Robotics and Engineering: Half Day AM (No Rock Climbing) or PM (with Rock Climbing): Suggested Ages 6-9

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This course introduces young campers to robotics. They develop higher level thinking skills by programming LEGO models to move and interact. Each activity starts with a short animated story that has a problem to solve. Using language and literacy skills, campers follow the easy to use LEGO software program that guides them through a set of onscreen building instructions. After the model robot is built and connected to the computer, campers are shown how to write simple programs by dragging and placing pictures on the computer screen. Campers then run them and watch as the motors and sensors on their model animate their creations. We then challenge campers to extend their programs and models using their own ideas or other programming techniques we teach.

In LEGO Physics, campers work in teams to build a variety of models with a special Science and Technology LEGO set. Working as a team, campers each assemble part of a model and then join their parts to complete the building project. The models demonstrate various physical science and technology concepts, including forces and motion, simple machines, measurement, energy, magnetism, and more.

Campers will also experiment with their own designs during extension activities. For example, after campers build two projects using gear ratios, we challenge them to design an egg beater. The story goes like this: Their grandmother does not like electric mixers but her arthritis makes it hard to scramble eggs with a fork. The campers are challenged to design an egg beater using gears to help out their grandmother. We test and improve the design in soapy water to see which ones make to most bubbles. This way campers incorporate physical science principles into their play.


AM Option

In addition to the robotics activities, campers go outside to the playground for inclusive group games and free play.


PM Option with Rock Climbing

In addition to the robotics activities, campers are trained in rock climbing safety and knot tying, before taking two afternoon field trips to Planet Rock on Tuesday and Thursday. On these days, the camp is extended until 5:00 pm. As with all Rocks and Robots programs, we go outside several times a day for inclusive group games and free play.


AM: 9:00-12:00

PM: sessions: 12:30 to 3:30 (M,W,F), 12:30 to 5:00 (T,Th) 



Sunward Cohousing

424 Little Lake Dr,

Ann Arbor, MI 48103


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Half-Day: WeDo Robotics, LEGO Engineering: Suggested Ages 6-9  || 2024 ||

Half-Day: WeDo Robotics, LEGO Engineering: Suggested Ages 6-9 || 2024 ||

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