Tuesday - Grades 4-8

Experimentation and discovery:

We'll take advantage of the dryer air in the second session to study static electricity. Each student will make and keep a hand-held Van De Graaff generator. Topics will include DC motors, the triboelectric series, Atomic theory, and a very cool hands-on version of the Geiger–Marsden experiment where students get to collect and interpret data very similar to the original experiment with marbles in place of radioactive alpha particles - culminating in electrostatic levitation!  

Session II:  Nov. 14, 21, 28  Dec. 5, 12, 19, Jan. 9, 16)

3:45-4:45 in Mrs. Ayoub’s room

Cost (including $40 for take-home kits and materials.) $199

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Grades 4-8  Session II - Experimentation and Discovery:

Grades 4-8 Session II - Experimentation and Discovery:

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