On select Sundays 1 - 3:30 pm, kids and parents are invited to attend Free Rocks and Robots' LEGO® Battlebots events. Our first event was a huge success and we intend to make our sumo battles a regular occurrence.

If you wish to use our materials and customize your sumobot here, our robot kits are on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on the number of participants, kids may need to share.

If you want to guarantee a personal kit, you can reserve one for $20 ahead of time on our website. See the link below.
Children (ages 7-15) can make modifications to LEGO® sumobots and battle them against one another. No experience necessary. Whether your child is a robotics novice or a seasoned battler, there’s fun for everyone.
We’ll have a coding corner, building station, and practice ring where kids can test out their robot before heading to the main ring. After each battle, we’ll talk about how the robots could be improved.
We also have a small playground outside, if kids need a break.
All ages are welcome to watch the battles.
This is a great opportunity to see if your child is interested in computers, engineering, and robotics and to meet other kids with similar interests.
Learn more about our camp sessions here: rocksandrobots.com

Location: 424 Little Lake Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

FREE Kids LEGO® Battlebots Event

FREE Kids LEGO® Battlebots Event

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