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🤖 Robotics Battle League: LEGO Edition After School Class 🤖

Embark on an unforgettable technological adventure with our six-week after-school program designed for kids aged 8 to 16! This unique experience is not just for the kids A parent (aunt, uncle etc.) will join the fun and bond with their children as they dive into the world of building and programming small robotic vehicles.

🌟 Class Overview:

  • Activity: Building and Programming Small Robotic
  • Age Group: 8 to 16 years old
  • Accompanied by: One enthusiastic adult per child
  • Duration: 6 weeks(Join anytime, will prorate)
  • Wednesday Sessions:
    • Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.
    • Dates:  Feb, 28, March 6,13, 20, 27, April 3, (10, 17 potential makeup days save on your calendar*)


  • Friday Sessions:
    • Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.
    • Dates:   March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, April 5, (12, 19 potential makeup days please mark on your calendar*)
  • Location: 424 Little Lake Drive

    🔧 Building Opportunities: The class revolves around LEGO-compatible robotic kits, providing endless building opportunities for parents and children. Motors, servos, reflected light sensors, and distance sensors are at your disposal, creating unique and innovative robotic designs together.

    🤖 Sumo Arena Battles: Foster teamwork and shared victories as parents and children work collaboratively to navigate their creations through the specially designed Sumo Arena. Engage in friendly battles at the end of each week, showcasing the strength and strategy of your joint efforts.

    🖥️ Provided Resources: We provide all necessary equipment, including computers, robotics kits, and extra parts for building weapons. Our goal is to ensure that every parent and child duo has access to the tools needed for a fulfilling and educational experience.

    🗓️ Weekly Routine:

    • Building and Programming: Explore the world of robotics with hands-on activities and guidance from our experienced instructors, strengthening the parent-child bond.
    • Sumo Arena Battles: Test your robotic creations in friendly battles against classmates, celebrating shared achievements.
    • Discussion: Reflect on the week's challenges and successes, exploring potential improvements in both software and hardware as a team.

    🚀 Why Join:

    • Foster a strong parent-child bond through collaborative robotics projects.
      • Enhance communication and problem-solving skills while navigating building and programming challenges together.
        • Learn the fundamentals of robotics in a fun and interactive environment, creating lasting memories.

          Don't miss the chance to embark on this exciting journey together! Join the Robotics Battle League: LEGO Edition and create lasting memories while building and programming alongside your child. Enroll today for a unique after-school experience at 424 Little Lake Drive!

          • * Sorry to ask you to save the extra days. I may travel to Malawi to work on recycling single-use plastic bags into shingles.

            Spring Class: Parent Child Sumo

            Spring Class: Parent Child Sumo

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